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Meetup is an application that lets you meet people with the same tastes and preferences that you have and create groups where you can meet and hang out in real life.

The goal of Meetup is connecting people with the same tastes so they can meet and do all the activities they have in common. When you create your user account in Meetup, you'll be able to choose between dozens of different interests that will determine the type of Meetups (hanging out spaces) that might interest you.

If, for example, you indicate that you are interested in independent cinema and video games, Meetup will show you all the groups related to those subjects, so you can connect with the rest of the users that share your interests. Naturally, you can also create your own Meetup on any subject you want.

Even though Meetup works very similarly to a traditional social network, its goal is to go a step beyond. Using Meetup is not chatting with other users that are interested in independent cinema as well, but actually meeting them to go to the theater together. That is the goal of the app.

Meetup is an excellent social application that lets you connect with people that share your interests and hang out with them to do what you like.
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